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Our Story


As phase three of West Edmonton mall was being built there was found a need for the spiritual care of the staff, visitors, and surrounding community in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the mall. An oasis in the bazaar that is the mall. God entrusted this task to our founder Nelson Wolf. In a series of meetings the chapel was opened and started serving the mall, city, and world in 1986!

For the next 30 years the chapel in West Ed functioned under the name Marketplace Chapel. Performing weddings, memorials, worship service, and prayer vigils. The chapel was the epicentre of prayer for our city as well as an accessible location for those who were seeking to meet with a prayer therapist. 

But in 2015 a change was needed and for the next 5 years the chapel functioned under the name and new look of WECA Chapel. Serving as a drop in and community centre, the chapel became a prominant fixture within the youth and young adult community. 

In 2020, in the midst of the Covid Crisis, The chapel was given back to the original ministry who founded it in 1986. Now serving under the name Lovedmonton Chapel we look forward to continue to serve the community as a house of prayer, as an oasis in the chaos, as a place of healing and of peace.

Welcome to Peace. 


“The Chapel is where I go to pray.
I use the prayer room before each shift to give my workday the best start!”


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