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We aim to provide a versatile space at the chapel. A place that you can enter into quite meditation on scripture, join in worship, meet for a quiet conversation, or enjoy hearty fellowship. See below some of the facilities the chapel offers.

Front Desk

Right at our entrance is the front desk. Find resources to aid your walk with God, engage in conversation, grab a tea or coffee, or feel free to have your questions answered. Often this is where some of the best discussions around God, life, and stuff happen.


The Vineyard Table

The Kingdom of Heaven has fewer walls and longer tables. Our vineyard table provides ample room for hosting meetings, joining fellowship, or sharing a meal.

Prayer Room

Cut out the noise and experience the presence of God at our state of the art prayer room. Let this be your tent of meeting, your secret place, your war room.



The chapel provides three booths for guests to use. Guests use these booths for work, meetings, studying, fellowship, or just to share a cup of coffee. Each booth has 12v plug ins, USB ports, a bible, a notepad, and overhead lighting. Two out of three of our booths also have a tv for various uses.

Presence of Peace

Ask anybody who has been to the chapel and they will say that there is this atmosphere that is different. We call this the presence of peace. We believe that this is not our chapel but Gods. His presence is here and you often feel it.

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