"Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men." - Jesus the Messiah

Join Jesus in the Everyday

Lovedmonton Membership
Connect with the church in your area 
Lovedmonton has exclusive neighbourhood groups set up on our site that enables you to quickly connect and communicate with fellow disciples in your neighbourhood. Making the invisible church, visible! 
Join Jesus on His mission with His body 
Being on mission in the everyday stuff of life is a big part of following Jesus. Lovedmonton helps connect you with fellow disciples who are already on mission in your area that will support and encourage you to join Jesus on his mission.  
Grow in Faith and Numbers 
Making disciples is the supernatural overflow of being a disciple. Our aim is to help you get connected with a local church so you can grow and deepen your faith. While also helping you learn how to share your faith and join Jesus in your neighbourhood ultimately for the kingdom to be realized there!
Every Fisherman has their Tackle Box 
Lovedmonton members gain access to a vetted resource list. This includes books, videos, audios, and documents all to help equip you for the mission.  
Every Success Story has a Mentor 
Everyone can gain access to the gym and get an exercise plan but what makes the difference and helps you get results is a personal trainer. Lovedmonton has a mentorship system built into it. All to help you navigate the mission field that is your life. You can’t do this alone, and neither can we.  
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