About Lovedmonton

Lovedmonton is committed to seeing a gospel movement here in the greater Edmonton area. We join Jesus in this by raising community chaplains within each neighbourhood, connecting the invisible church there, and empowering them to join Jesus in the everyday stuff of life!  

We are joining Jesus in:  

prayer line

Through our 24/7 prayer line we are able to serve through the ministry of prayer and listening.


Connecting callers to chaplains who live in their area of the city allows for genuine connection as well as effectively connecting callers in need to the services in the area.  

neighbourhoodcare teams

Through our Neighbourhood care teams we are able to Join Jesus in the lives of our neighbours and have a team behind us to support, encourage, and act on opportunities to share the Gospel through word and deed.


But also, this allows us to invite our neighbours into incarnational community giving them a taste of God’s kingdom. Even Jesus said it is through our love and unity that they will know we follow the living God.  



Lovedmonton, along with the Church of God 

Community Chaplain commission train and raise up community chaplains to serve where they live.


Through the ministry of prayer and presence. Each chaplain is commissioned to connect the invisible church and empower them to join Jesus in the neighbourhood.

the chapel

Located in the West Edmonton mall, our chapel provides space for people to come and meet with God at all hours of the day.


Whether it's worship, gathering, baptism, or prayer. The Chapel serves the city and the thousands of staff that work at the mall   

caring for our neighbours 

We truly believe the places we live is where people will experience the Love of Jesus in the most profound ways.


That is why Lovedmonton has a program in place that a portion of everything donated goes back into the neighbourhood you live. Empowering those on mission to have the resources needed to make a real difference where they live.