Jesus Loves Edmonton

He desires every person in our city to be part of the realization of his kingdom here. This is why Lovedmonton is building spiritual bridges between the community and His church. Sharing His story with all we meet and inviting all who are found to join Jesus in Edmonton!

By empowering and placing community chaplains in catalytic locations throughout the city we are effectively ministering through prayer and presence to those who are seeking His Kingdom. Breaking down the institutional distrust our society has built up by sharing the love of Jesus, sharing his story, and being the church.

Community Chaplaincy

As our society becomes more and more worldy, the need for us to be a light and a salt to this world becomes greater and greater. Community chaplains are missional ministers focused on joining Jesus at our chapel and/or in their Neighbourhood seeing the Kingdom realized and the great commission fulfilled. One day our vision is to see a community chaplain serving every block in the city. Providing spiritual care and formation to neighbours, loving them like Jesus does.


Lovedmonton Chapel

This City holds an international monument that attracts people from all over the city and world. In the midst of the noise and busyness of West Edmonton Mall, the chapel is a shining light of peace and rest. For 35 years the chapel has been serving thousands of people every year, seeing hundreds come to Christ year after year. It is a greenhouse for leadership development, it is a birthing ground for new believers, and it serves as an incredibly accessible place of refuge to those who need rest. But more so than these, its foundation is on Christ. Jesus is the only celebrity here, only His name is praised, and It’s all about him. The chapel allows us to serve the city, unite the church, develop chaplains, and make disciples. There is only one chapel of this kind and we are proud to say it’s in Edmonton!

Uniting the Church

Edmonton is home to over 500 churches, we as a whole are not visibly united within our respective four walls. But in the mission field, outside the 4 walls there is a tangible unification that happens. We see this everyday at the chapel, followers of Jesus from all different traditions coming together to be in fellowship and to serve! Jesus prayed for us to be one as He is with the Father, the Chapel is one way we can experience this and see this come to fruition. As the mission breaks down our barriers from each other and opens our eyes to how the Holy Spirit unites us, they will know we follow the living God! 


Reaching the City

Paul reached the entirety of Asia in 2 years through the hall of Tyrannus, St Patrick reached the entirety of Ireland through strategically placed monasteries, St Benedicts chapels provided a place of refuge to the believers of a fallen empire and a place of discovery to the Paegans of Cassino, and today our chaplains are using a similar strategy by joining Jesus at Lovedmonton Chapel. An incredibly catalytic location in our City, We aim to reach the entire region with the Gospel in the next handful of years through this and other catalytic locations!


The Vision

Lovedmonton earnestly waits and zealously works towards the day when every man, woman, and child encounters Jesus on a daily basis either through word or deed. We envision the day where our entire city comes to Jesus, which will not only radically change our province and country, but also the world.